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www.Upgradecard.com is the best credit option for individuals looking to extend their credit limit. If you have an average credit score, you are the ideal candidate for the Upgrade Card. Simply enter the Reservation Number (15-digits) to get your hands on Upgrade Card.

It is very simple how Upgrade works. You can apply for the loan and the money comes directly to your bank account without having to worry about a middleman. The verification only takes about 24 hours and there is nothing that you are required to do. You can then use this loan to even pay off the current credit card debts or simply look forward to the big purchase you have been desiring for a  while. If you have any questions or concerns, the team at Upgrade is very helpful and goes above and beyond your expectations to serve their customers.

www.Upgradecard.com Reservation Number – Online Apply for Upgrade Card

Open your browser and enter this link www.upgradecard.com. This is the official website where you must submit a 15-digit reservation number.

You will be asked to fill out the field on the page: your reservation number.

* The invitation number is a 15-digit code found on the Upgrade Mail Offer you recently received. It will take a few minutes to finish the process.

After filling out the information, the institution will process the information and you need to wait for approval. Once your application is approved, you will receive the card and the approved loan amount sent to you.

An Upgrade credit cardholder can purchase whatever they want, or they can transfer money into their other linked bank accounts. However, towards the end of each billing cycle, Upgrade sums up the total transactions and allows the credit cardholder to pay it back in installments.

The Upgrade credit cardholders are offered choices of opting for either a 24-, 36-, or 60- month installment plan. The installment plan enables the cardholder to pay back a fixed amount to Upgrade monthly until the debt is paid.

In addition, Upgrade also appreciates those cardholders who pay them back on time; they reward this by giving 1.5% cashback on the payments by purchasing things from the credit card. 

Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa®

Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa has proven fruitful for those who sense a large upcoming expenditure. In addition, Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa does not have a zero percent intro APR, making it an ideal financial tool for cardholders who cannot cope with the repayment plan.

Upgrade Visa Card

Credit cardholders will not be able to get rid of all the interest charges; however, Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa policies offer its facilities in two ways. It works as a credit card and is like a personal loan that saves the cardholder’s money, allowing them to pay back the money off their purchases after an agreeable period.

Paying back Upgrade is fairly easier, unlike the other cards, which charge heavy interest when a cardholder pays minimum dues on a credit card.

How Does It Work?

Interested individuals have to begin by signing up, after which they are assigned a line of credit, along with APR and an installment plan ranging from 12 to 60 months. The installment plan is based on the credit score of an individual.

Once the credit card is issued, the cardholder can purchase anything they suffice or make transactions where they can transfer the funds from one bank to the other. Towards the end of each month, the cardholder’s sum of purchases and the total sum of bank transactions are added, and this sum is paid back in installments each month.


  • Cardholders with satisfactory credit are rewarded with a low APR and a high credit limit.
  • Cardholders would not be charged any annual fee or setup fee that would bring down the Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa card cost.
  • There are no prepayment fees; therefore, cardholders can easily pay off their debt.
  • 1.5% cash back on purchases of the card


  • Cardholders can not escape the interest charges. Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa emphasizes beginning the installment payment as soon as possible. The minimum APR is about 8.99%
  • As per the credit history, the Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa APR is like the other traditional credit cards.

Cardholder Benefits

The Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa card almost offers no cardholder perks. Nonetheless, it provides a few advantages compared to other traditional credit cards, and the most important of these is ‘Transparency.’

The cardholder would then know how much they have to pay each month. In addition, the cardholder can check Upgrade Cash Reward Visa’s credit line and rate before they can commit.

If a cardholder has a good credit score, an individual may qualify for an APR as low as 8.99%. A low APR of 8.99% is almost half the card’s current interest rate.

Not only that, but Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa also offers a credit limit that ranges from $500 to $25,000. The credit limit also depends on the cardholder’s credit score.

Upgrade also offers 1.5% cash back on the card payments, provided the cardholder pays back on time.

Final Verdict

The Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa is ideal for cardholders aware of heavy expenditures in the future, and with the perfect monthly installment plans, the cardholders can easily pay back.

In addition, a few perks are associated with this card that will surely prove themselves favorable for the cardholder.

Upgrade Triple Cash Reward Visa® Card

Much like the Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa, the Upgrade Triple Cash Reward Visa functions as both a personal loan and a credit card a cardholder can use anywhere they want to purchase something.

Upgrade Triple Cash Reward Visa Card

Nonetheless, the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa offers a flat 1.5% cash back on certain purchases. The Triple Cash card allows bonus cash back after purchasing from specific categories, including home, auto, and health.

How Does It Work?

The interested individual would have to begin by applying online and then be directed to the credit line.

Then, once the individual is given the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa card, they can purchase whatever they want to. The card offers the cardholder cashback of 3% on Home, Auto, and Health, and 1% on the other purchases when the cardholder pays them back.

In the end, the total sum of funds used from the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards is paid back in fixed monthly installments.


  • Easy monthly installment plans for paying Upgrade back along with a fixed APR.
  • Cardholders are not charged any annual or late fees and are neither charged any penalty APR fees.
  • A huge bonus is provided to those cardholders who have fair credit.


  • It does not offer any sign-up bonus; most cash rewards cards offer that.
  • It does not feature a 0 percent intro APR offer, and the card proves costly due to a high APR.
  • Individuals with a low credit score do not qualify for a low APR.

Cardholder Benefits

With Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, cardholders can enjoy the perks that are of traditional visa cards that are as follows:

  • Roadside assistance is available 24/7 for a fee.
  • Access to emergency medical and transportation facility
  • Upgrade may reimburse cardholder money if they find anything they have purchased from Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa at a lower price in advertisements.
  • Triple Cash card can expand warranty up to one year on purchases.

Final Verdict

The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards cash has proven to be ideal for cardholders who are learning to deal with credit cards and prefer an unsecured credit card. The Triple Cash card adds credibility to their creditworthiness since it reports to major credit bureaus. In addition, cardholders have a chance to improve their credit score and earn rewards.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® Credit Card

The Upgrade Bitcoins Rewards Visa card also works like a credit card allowing the cardholder to purchase whatever they prefer. It works like a personal loan that the cardholder can pay back monthly in installments with a fixed interest rate.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa Credit Card

The Bitcoin Rewards card is also renowned for earning 1.5% back in terms of bitcoin when the cardholders pay back to Upgrade every month.

However, there may be limits to the bitcoin-based rewards, and a 1.5% rewards rate can not be deemed satisfactory. Nonetheless, the potential to earn rewards later onwards is worth getting on board with Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa card.

How Does It Work?

The cardholders can use their cards online or in retail locations where they can earn 1.5% back on their purchases when they successfully pay back Upgrade.

You can earn 1.5% back on their payments through bitcoin. The cardholders can analyze the bitcoin and are allowed to sell their bitcoin and redeem the funds.


  • The cardholders are not charged any annual or foreign transaction fee, making the cost of carrying this card fairly low.
  • Individuals with an average credit score can apply for the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa card.


  • The cardholders are not provided with any bonus offers
  • The rewards provided are limited

Cardholder Benefits

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa card does not expect an interested individual to pay a security deposit upon approval. In addition, individuals with an average credit score can apply for this card.

The approved individuals are given instant access to virtual cards. The credit redeemed could be taken as a personal loan once a cardholder transfers the credit directly into their bank account.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa card does not apply a penalty APR, prepayment penalty, or late fee. Moreover, the credit movement of a cardholder is reported to major credit bureaus that analyze the credit score.

Final Verdict

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa credit card is ideal for those individuals who want to make a large purchase or have credit card debt. The cardholders can pay back with easy monthly installments with a fixed interest rate. Additionally, cardholders may enjoy a few perks offered by the Bitcoin Rewards card.

Upgrade OneCard

The Upgrade OneCard has a unique working method: the “Pay Now” or “Pay Later” option. With Pay Now, the cardholder would pay the outlet instantly upon purchase, similar to debit cards. However, with Pay Later, the cardholder may purchase whatever they want, which can be paid back in monthly installments with interest, similar to a credit card.

Upgrade OneCard

The APR for Upgrade OneCard is between 8.99% to 29.99%. Nevertheless, there are no fees other than the interest charges when a cardholder opts to “Pay Later.” The APR stays fixed on the installment, meaning that the cardholder does not have to worry about rising APR until their debt is paid off.

Upgrade OneCard starts with an APR of 8.99%, whereas the other traditional cards start by charging an APR of 12.99%.

How Does It Work?

Interested individuals can apply online and receive a credit line of $25,000 with the Upgrade OneCard.

Cardholders can pay with their Upgrade OneCard at retail outlets or online and get cash back of 3% on daily purchases and 2% on other things when connected with Rewards Checking Account.

Cardholders are given an option of either Pay Now without interest or Pay Later with a fixed interest.


  • The Upgrade OneCard is a metal card that has a premium look
  • Cardholders can use reward points instantly, and the reward points do not expire
  • Cardholders are also given fractional reward points
  • Cardholders can control the card with the app
  • Credit limit makes it sharing the credit easier with family.


  • The card is limited only limited to a few cities.
  • Lowest reward rate, i.e., 0.2% on a regular speed.

Cardholder Benefits

The Upgrade OneCard holders do not have to worry about paying an annual fee, nor do they have to worry about a foreign transaction fee.

In addition, cardholders can enjoy the perks of getting a warranty on their purchased items extended to one year. Cardholders can avail of reimbursement when they see an item they bought from the Upgrade OneCard advertised for a lower price. Roadside assistance is available 24/7 for a fee.

Final Verdict

The Upgrade OneCard may be a better option for cardholders who want to pay off their daily expenses with the “Pay Now” option and can avail of cash back at a greater rate. Additionally, cardholders can earn other benefits and protection on their purchases. Those who opt for “Pay Later” can benefit by paying off the payment in monthly installments with a fixed APR.

Closing Remarks

Upgrade has a wide variety of cards that attract different kinds of enthusiasts. With the option of a monthly fixed installment plan, the enthusiasts feel comfortable with the company policies provided by Upgrade.

Their different cards are built for distinct types of customers. These cards start with an APR of 8.99%, while the other cards start with a staggering percentage of 12.99.

Moreover, cardholders can enjoy perks such as cashback offers, road assistance, no annual fee, and no fee on foreign transactions.


Q. Does an Upgrade card help build credit?

If the cardholder uses their Upgrade credit card responsibly and can pay back each month on time, Upgrade can help improve their credit score.

Q. Does the Upgrade card do a hard pull?

Once an individual is approved, Upgrade would make a hard inquiry to access the individual’s credit report; this may negatively impact the credit score.

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